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I have a favorite picture that always causes me to stop and think whenever I see it. It’s a beautiful summer scene, set in a forest; there is a path that leads to a fork in the road.  The picture makes it clear that once you reach the fork in the road, you have to choose to either go left or right.  It’s clear you can’t continue along the path you’ve been heading.  We have to choose a new direction.   These words are written on the picture: 

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

When I stop and look at the picture…. I take a few seconds, or moments, depending on what I’m doing at the time, to think about my life...and the direction I’m headed. 

The reality is that each of us faces those forks in the road each day of our lives…and they force us to choose   a new direction.

  • We have to decide how to spend our time.  Do we focus on this project, or that project?
  • We have to decide who we will spend time with on any given day.  Will it be this person, or that person?
  • We have to decide which direction we will take in every situation we encounter. What will our attitude be as we choose a new focus for our time and energy?   Will we  have a positive perspective or a negative attitude?  How will we decide which direction to go?  Who will guide us?  What are the values that guide us as we make decisions?

My sense is there are many directions we can go as we face the forks in the road called life.  There are many choices we can make when we are faced with decisions.  However, the good news is that we have a road map to help us choose.  The road map is The Bible.  God is the one who helps us to read it, and understand it properly.  We talk to Him and listen to Him as we pray.  The road signs are the life and ministry of Jesus, who walked this earth for over 30 years and changed the world by the way He loved and cared for people.  The way we are certain we’re headed the right way is by waiting for the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit that comes to us in the quiet moments of decision making, and the conversations we have with our Church Family.  Christian Education classes (Sunday School!!!), Bible Study, and Worship Services, are all wonderful places to help us understand the direction God wants us to go!

Looking Forward To Seeing You In Church!    

Blessings, Pastor Jim